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A list of articles written by Tim Chappell, covering topics including Linux IPsec, IPv6 Squid configuration and ARM floating point.

  • BBC Acorn User, Edition 81, April 1989, "Maths on the Dot - Tim Chappell"

Tim shows you how and when to use the Archimedes floating point emulator. BBC Acorn User, April 1989

  • BBC Acorn User, Edition 82, May 1989, "Arithmetic On The Dot - Tim Chappell"

Concluding this look at floating point on the Archimedes and showing how to put constants in your programs. BBC Acorn User, May 1989

  • Personal Computer World, October 1989, "Getting the point in BASIC"

Bringing floating point precision to Archimedes BASIC programs. PCW, October 1989

Important note : the following document is not yet complete, but is provided as-is for interest. It provides not only an overview of the IPsec standard as described in the RFCs, but also provides detailed examples of both site-to-site and roadwarrior deployment scenarios.

  • Virtual Private Networks using IPsec tools IPsec, April 2010. The draft article covers : IPsec; RFC 4301, RFC 4302, RFC 4303 ; VPN; IKE; ADSL modems; deployment using NAT; IPsec firewall implications; tunnel and transport mode ; Main and aggressive modes ; PKI, including self-signed certificates ; RSA ; X509 ; SAs ; SPs ; ESP and AH packet types ; Shrew Soft Inc. IPsec client configuration ; racoon ; setkey ; documented racoon and setkey configuration files.

Shrew Soft Inc offer an excellent Linux and Windows IPsec compatible client which can be used for Roadwarrior configurations.

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