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IPv6 Firewall Tester Default Port List

IPscan tests a selection of the most commonly used service ports.

If you wish to test the firewall of your IPv6 host then please point your browser towards the IPscan IPv6 tester. For an overview of the tester please see IPv6. For an explanation of test automation please see ScanAutomation.

The list of default IPv6 TCP ports which can be tested, and their common usage is defined in the table below:

TCP Ports

Port Number Description of the traffic usually assigned to this port
7 Echo - often used for test/development purposes.
21 File Transfer (FTP) control
22 The Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol
23 Telnet
25 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
37 Time
53 Domain Name Server (DNS)
79 Finger
80 World Wide Web (HTTP)
88 Kerberos
110 Post Office Protocol - Version 3 (POP3)
111 Sun Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
113 Authentication Service (ident, auth)
119 Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
135 DCE endpoint resolution (epmap), Microsoft EPMAP RPCs, Messenger services
137 NETBIOS Name Service
138 NETBIOS Datagram Service
139 NETBIOS Session Service
143 Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
311 AppleShare IP WebAdmin, MAC OSX server admin
389 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
427 Server Location (SLP)
443 HTTP Protocol over TLS/SSL (HTTPS)
445 Microsoft-DS (SMB, Samba)
514 Shell
543 Kerberos login
544 Kerberos remote shell
548 Apple Filing Protocol over TCP
631 Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
749 Kerberos Administration
873 Rsync
993 IMAP4 Protocol over TLS/SSL (IMAPS)
1025 Network Blackjack, sometimes NFS, IIS or RFS
1026 Calendar Access Protocol (CAP), Microsoft DCOM
1029 Solid Mux Server, Microsoft DCOM
1030 BBN IAD
1080 SOCKS
1720 H.323 Hostcall - including Microsoft Netmeeting
2869 SSDP event notification
3128 Active API Server Port (also default for Squid proxy)
3306 MySQL
3389 MS Windows Based Terminal Server (RDP)
3689 Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP, iTunes)
5000 Commplex-main (Windows Universal Plug and Play service - UPNP)
5100 Socalia service mux, Yahoo Messenger, Webcams
5900 Remote Framebuffer (VNC Server)
8080 HTTP alternate
9090 WebSM
10243 WMP HTTP
11211 memcache
16992-4 Intel AMT
32764 Common Router backdoor

UDP Ports

The list of IPv6 UDP ports which will always be tested, and their common usage is defined in the table below:

Port Number Description of the traffic usually assigned to this port
53 DNS
123 NTP
161 SNMP
500 IKE
521 RIPng
547 DHCPv6
1900 UPnP (SSDP)
3503 LSP Ping
11211 memcache (ASCII and binary)

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