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Some Windows 7 DOS prompt commands which may aid IPv6 connectivity debug.


Instigating A Command prompt Window with Adminstrator Privileges

In the normal Start button Search field type cmd and then hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of just Enter. This will bring up a User Account Control Dialogue - click yes to run the command prompt with Administrator Privileges.

Disable IPv6 Privacy Addresses

In a Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges type:

 C:\Windows\system32>netsh interface ipv6 set global randomizeidentifiers=disabled store=persistent

To re-renable them use:

 netsh interface ipv6 set global randomizeidentifiers=enabled

General IPv6 Packet Statistics

 C:\Users\>netsh interface ipv6 show ipstats
 MIB-II IP Statistics
 Forwarding is:                      Disabled
 Default TTL:                        128
 In Receives:                        41
 In Header Errors:                   0
 In Address Errors:                  0
 Datagrams Forwarded:                0
 In Unknown Protocol:                0
 In Discarded:                       18
 In Delivered:                       221
 Out Requests:                       309
 Routing Discards:                   0
 Out Discards:                       6
 Out No Routes:                      0
 Reassembly Timeout:                 60
 Reassembly Required:                0
 Reassembled Ok:                     0
 Reassembly Failures:                0
 Fragments Ok:                       0
 Fragments Failed:                   0
 Fragments Created:                  0

Display IPv6 enabled interfaces

 C:\Users>netsh interface ipv6 show interfaces
 Idx     Met         MTU          State                Name
 ---  ----------  ----------  ------------  ---------------------------
   1          50  4294967295  connected     Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1
  10          10        1280  connected     Local Area Connection
  16          20        1500  connected     VirtualBox Host-Only Network

Display Assigned IPv6 Addresses

 C:\Users>netsh interface ipv6 show addresses
 Interface 1: Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1
 Addr Type  DAD State   Valid Life Pref. Life Address
 ---------  ----------- ---------- ---------- ------------------------
 Other      Preferred     infinite   infinite ::1
 Interface 10: Local Area Connection
 Addr Type  DAD State   Valid Life Pref. Life Address
 ---------  ----------- ---------- ---------- ------------------------
 Temporary  Preferred    23h59m59s   3h59m59s 2www:xxx:yyyy:zzzz:aaaa:bbbb:cccc:dddd
 Public     Preferred    23h59m59s   3h59m59s 2www:xxx:yyyy:zzzz:eeee:ffff:fe00:1111
 Other      Preferred     infinite   infinite fe80::2222:33ff:fe44:5555%10

Display the IPv6 DNS servers

 C:\Users>netsh interface ipv6 show dnsservers
 Configuration for interface "Local Area Connection"
     DNS servers configured through DHCP:  None
     Register with which suffix:           Primary only
 Configuration for interface "Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1"
     Statically Configured DNS Servers:    fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1
     Register with which suffix:           Primary only

IPv6 Privacy Address parameters

 C:\Users>netsh interface ipv6 show privacy
 Querying active state...
 Temporary Address Parameters
 Use Temporary Addresses             : enabled
 Duplicate Address Detection Attempts: 5
 Maximum Valid Lifetime              : 7d
 Maximum Preferred Lifetime          : 1d
 Regenerate Time                     : 5s
 Maximum Random Time                 : 10m
 Random Time                         : 0s

IPv6 Neighbours

 C:\Users>netsh interface ipv6 show neighbors
 Interface 1: Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1
 Internet Address                              Physical Address   Type
 --------------------------------------------  -----------------  -----------
 ff02::c                                                          Permanent
 ff02::16                                                         Permanent
 ff02::fb                                                         Permanent
 ff02::1:2                                                        Permanent
 Interface 10: Local Area Connection
 Internet Address                              Physical Address   Type
 --------------------------------------------  -----------------  -----------
 2www:xxx:yyyy:zzzz::1                         00-aa-bb-cc-dd-ee  Stale (Router)
 fe80::xxx:yyff:fezz:0000                      00-00-11-22-33-44  Stale (Router)
 ff02::2                                       33-33-00-00-00-02  Permanent
 ff02::c                                       33-33-00-00-00-0c  Permanent
 ff02::16                                      33-33-00-00-00-16  Permanent
 ff02::fb                                      33-33-00-00-00-fb  Permanent
 ff02::1:2                                     33-33-00-01-00-02  Permanent
 ff02::1:3                                     33-33-00-01-00-03  Permanent
 ff02::1:ff00:1                                33-33-ff-00-00-01  Permanent
 ff02::1:ff01:5207                             33-33-ff-01-52-07  Permanent
 ff02::1:ff6a:6477                             33-33-ff-6a-64-77  Permanent
 ff02::1:ff8e:15f8                             33-33-ff-8e-15-f8  Permanent

IPv6 Router Advertised Prefixes

 C:\Users\>netsh interface ipv6 show siteprefixes
 Prefix                    Lifetime      Interface
 ------------------------  ------------  ------------------------------
 2www:xxx:yyyy:zzzz::/64             2d  Local Area Connection

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