Raspberry Pi IPv6 firewall tester

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Raspberry Pi IPv6 firewall tester, based on Arch Linux and IPscan.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a compact ARM-based computer, details of which can be found here.

Operating System

The Raspberry Pi IPv6 firewall tester is running the Arch Linux ARM (version 3.2.27-2-ARCH+) release downloadable from here.

Installation Details

See the following link Raspberry_Pi_IPv6_firewall_tester_installation for installation and configuration details.

Software Packages

The following software packages, of at least the version specified, are installed:

  • Apache (version 2.2.22)
  • MySQL (version 5.5.27)
  • PHP (version 5.4.6)
  • Perl (version 5.14 plus MySQL support packages)
  • git (version
  • IPscan, source available from github

The Test

For further details on the firewall tester, including example screenshots, please follow this link.

Note: the following link will ONLY work for IPv6-enabled clients!

To test your IPv6-enabled clients' firewall using the Raspberry Pi, please click on this Pi Powered IPv6 Firewall Tester link.

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