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Please read, and accept, these important terms and conditions of usage before performing IPv6 firewall tests using this site:

  • This utility is provided as a convenience, and was developed in order to test my own IPv6 firewall - I make no claims as to its' efficacy or correctness. Do NOT rely on this tool. If you want to be certain that your IPv6 firewall is operating correctly then please use a professional penetration testing (pentest) tool.
  • This website publishes a Privacy Policy (there is a link at the bottom of this page). Continued use of this website implies your consent to the storage of data outlined in the policy.
  • The tester will attempt to connect to a set of predefined UDP ports, as well as one or more TCP ports that you define, targeting the IPv6 address that my webserver determines your web page request originated from.
  • Please verify that the quoted IPv6 address is that of the machine you intend to test, and that you are authorised to perform such a test, prior to beginning the test.
  • IMPORTANT: Please do NOT attempt to test machines that are hidden behind HTTP proxies, unless you also administer the proxy and intend that machine to be tested.

If, and only if, you can agree to the above terms and conditions then please click on the following link to proceed to my IPv6 firewall tester.