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In line with recent changes to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations and the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR) please be aware of the following related to both this wiki and the associated IPv6 Port Scanner:

  • All scan results are deleted shortly after your scan completes.
  • The only retained statistic is the total number of initiated scans.
  • The IPv6 Port Scanner facility makes no use of cookies.
  • This wiki website makes use of the CloudFlare CDN to improve performance and consequently 3rd party session cookies are used.
  • These websites make no use of 3rd party advertising or analytics facilities.
  • All webserver logs for the IPv6 port scanner are purged on a daily basis.
  • If you ask for support to debug unexpected IPv6 port scan results then I may temporarily offer you the use of separate, debug-only, URLs. In order for such support to be offered, some debug-related logging may occur. This may include the summary of port scan results and partial (/48 only) IPv6 addresses.