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Useful Zyxel P660 series modem commands, including changes to SNR targets and NAT loopback.

Accessing the modem command-line interpreter

Enter the command-line menu by telnet-ing to your modem's IP address and then, either:

  • menu item 24.8


  • directly with later modem versions.

To allow direct access to your external (WAN) IP address:

The steps below make the change permanent, although the command can equally be used at the normal ras> prompt which will survive until the next power-off/reboot:

  • sys edit autoexec.net
  • i
  • ip nat loopback on
  • x

To alter the ADSL target SNR:

  • wan adsl targetnoise [0xfa .. 0x06]

final number is in units of 0.5dB, so 0x06 is equivalent to a +3dB increase in the target (improved stability).

To disable rate adaption:

  • wan adsl rateadap off

To adjust the stale session timeouts:

  • sys tos timeout icmp 60
  • sys tos timeout udp 45

Note: these commands need to be put into the autoexec.net (note not autoexec.bat!) file in order to survive a power-off/reboot.

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